ADG/WIFT WA/CinefestOZ Directors' Panel - Are We Victims of the Paula Principle?

ADG/WIFT WA/CinefestOZ Directors' Panel - Are We Victims of the Paula Principle?


Why women aren't getting ahead at work?  An expert on innovation and work argues that many highly capable women are not being recognised, and that this harms businesses, societies, and individuals alike.


The Paula Principle attempts to explain why women aren't fulfilling their potential in the workplace:


Studies have shown that if a man is competent at 75% of the skills of an advertised job he is likely to apply for it, but a woman many times won't, despite having comparable skills. How and why is women's competence not recognised and rewarded as men's is? Are we as women in the screen industries sabotaging ourselves? Or do we fall victim to the same unconscious biases that have historically held us back? There is a striking mirror-image symmetry here with the once famous Peter Principle, that "Every employee rises to his [sic] level of incompetence." The opposite is the Paula Principle: "Most women work below their level of competence." Does this explain some of the inequity in our Australian film and TV industry?


Internationally acclaimed and awarded Director Nadia Tass (Malcolm, The Big Steal, Stark) will lead an emerging female directors' panel of Sascha Ettinger Epstein (The Pink House); Romi Trower (What If It Works?); Priscilla Cameron (The Butterfly Tree) and Stevie Cruz-Martin (Pulse).  Join the panel as they share their insights and answer audience questions at this enlightening breakfast event, with the discussion beginning at 8:30am.


WIFT WA panel convenor: Annie Murtagh-Monks




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Runtime: 120 mins
Country of Origin : Australia
Language: English
Industry 20
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