Our Law

Our Law

Sun Nov 6 9:30 AM

Gimme Gimme Bar
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
120 Mins
Sun Nov 6

Enjoy CinefestOZ Broome's free community screenings presented in conjunction with Goolarri Media at the Gimme Bar.  

For 12 months, documentary cameras follow emergency callouts in one of the largest and most challenging law enforcement areas in the world, as First Nations officers and cadets attempt to change the system from within.

With unprecedented access to the 2021 class of First Nations Western Australian police cadets and their gruelling training, along with ride-along access to experienced Aboriginal officers out on the frontline, this first-of-its-kind observational documentary series observes First Nations police officers and cadets attempting to make lasting change out on the beat while giving strong voice to the Aboriginal communities being policed.

Our Law cameras are privy to revealing candid squad car conversations, full of humour and blunt honesty, as well as to the forthright perspectives of First Nation leaders and communities that are being policed. Through our emotional connection to the participants over six episodes as they attempt to make lasting change, and with a strong focus on truth-telling around both the historic and contemporary policing of First Nations peoples, Our Law is a groundbreaking, timely, and critically important exploration of First Nations-police relations in Australia.

The screening will be followed up with a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Please note: The film is unclassified. Please be aware they may contain themes and topics which may be triggering for some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.